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Freeway Towing Assistance

Don’t hesitate to call us if your travels are halted due to vehicle trouble.  By us being local residents, you can tell us the freeway and we can be roadside ready to assist.  

We provide a variety of roadside services to the community. Remember, we are available 24/7 and will answer your call.  We care about the safety of our Phoenix, AZ residents and want to offer you a towing company you can rely on and trust. Whatever the situation we are available daily.  We have a variety of multi- functional tow trucks that have the brut and power to haul, recover and transport any and all vehicles. 

Fuel Delivery Service

fuel delivery assistance in chandler and surrounding areas

Vehicle Towing

Dead Battery Jump Start

jump start dead battery chandler az

Phoenix East Valley Towing Company

Stranded and your car won’t start? Ran out of gas? Locked your keys in your car? Don’t feel like you are left without assistance. Does your car have a dead battery? Our car towing service is available upon your call.

Roadside Assistance

Whether rain or shine, if your car is stranded, out of gas or have a flat tire, our towing company’s roadside assistance covers all of the Phoenix Metro. We service all of the east valley. Our trucks are ready to haul your car to wherever you need us to tow it.

Truck Towing

Company truck giving you trouble?  Don’t hesitate to call our large vehicle towing specialist to assist you so that you can get back to your days activities.

jump start dead battery chandler az

A Great Towing Service in Chandler,AZ 
Chandler, AZ is located in Maricopa County.  A beautiful and prominent suburb with close access to major freeways and highways, Chandler is a prestigious city and sought after by many local residents.

​Named after veterinary surgeon Dr. Alexander John Chandler, who acquired an enormous amount of land, which was known as Chandler Ranch, is where Chandler got it start.  This great depression surviving and rooted city of the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area is thriving today and just as desirable if not more.  With it’s sprawling parks and recreational facilities, Chandler hosts for plenty to do for the Arizona resident.  

You can’t beat that Chandler is near the sporting arenas that cater to our mighty sports teams such as:

  • Phoenix Suns
  • Arizona Cardinals
  • ASU Sundevils
  • Arizona Diamond Backs

With much to do in the Phoenix Metro area, any resident is bound to get in their cars and drive to the mountains or out to the desert.  


The terrain is a special kind of gorgeous in a desert kind of way but also can be a bit of dangerous if you’re not careful.  The Arizona heat can wreak havoc on the traveler. 

​So if you find the desire to travel out a ways to enjoy the surroundings, be careful and always have a buddy.  Also, make sure your car is in good running order and has plenty of gas.  But if you forget to check, we are ready for your call.

We as a Tow Truck Service felt it to be a shrewd decision to place our towing company in this historical city of the Arizona Southwest.   With easy access to close surrounding cities and the major freeways, we can answer any call of Roadside Assistance 24/7.

Motorcycle Towing

Wheel Lift Towing

Emergency Towing

Roadside Assistance

Accident Towing

How Tow Trucks Work

 ​At some time or another, all of us will need the assistance of a tow truck. These machines offer the necessary abilities one would need in a situation of a motor vehicle mishap.  Any vehicle owner, whether commercial or personal would like their vehicle to be safe if at all possible.  The construction of a proper tow truck is important in the transported vehicle’s safety.  It is understandable though, if your vehicle has been in a wreck to be a bit of a wreck yourself at that time.

The tow trucks history is yet very interesting and should be taken into consideration with regards to your current situation.  Understanding the variety of functions and vehicles a tow truck can be or conduct will more than likely help develop a more keen eye for the next time you choose a towing company to come to your aid. Choosing a reputable and up to date company will ensure quality vehicle recovery and transportation.

Used in recovering cars and other types of vehicles from car accidents, weather impediments and transportation accidents, tow trucks offer the right tools and equipment to move one or more vehicles simultaneously during transportation and other operations of recovery.

The invention of the tow truck is by Ernest Holmes Sr. of Chattanooga Tennessee. His discovery of needing an all-in-one commercial vehicle came to fruition when he needed to pull a car out of a creek.  Just a garage worker, he use the inspiration of that situation where he needed blocks, ropes, and men to recover this vehicle. After time and improvement of his design he came up with what we know now as the tow truck or also known as a wrecker.  Only someone who experienced in recovering vehicles on a regular basis, such as Mr. Holmes, would think of such an invention that is commonly used to this day.

Known for it’s various functions, the tow truck has multiple abilities to assist vehicles in different situations. If only we had an invention to use for life’s mishaps; multi – functional and efficient.  The tow truck will have to do, at least with our stranded vehicle situation.  Whether used as a wrecker or a tow truck, the use of this vehicle can help almost any vehicle in almost any situation. Obviously, these terms are used based on the job that this motor carrier is involved in.
The towing equipment that is used on different types of tow trucks are:

  • Boom: An adjustable vehicle for recovery where other vehicles cannot be easily or safely reached.  Using telescoping tubes, this piece of equipment can retrieve cars and trucks and locate them to a more level surface.
  • Hook and Chain: This piece of equipment loops around the axle for a car and draws the vehicle atop the flatbed.
  • Flatbed: Also called a slide or rollback is the entire back of the tow truck.
  • Integrated:  Also, referred to as a “Self Loader”, this type of tow truck is a boom and a wheel in on unit.  This light duty truck is used in recovering repossessed vehicles or illegally parked vehicles.

When you are stranded and have somewhere to be, having a towing service that will have the proper tow trucks for the job at hand is very important.  This involves your vehicle’s safety and even more, you and your family’s safety.

There are many tow companies out there who should not be considered towing establishments.  The lack of proper equipment and updated trucks can cause problems to your vehicle.  You want a tow company that has all the works, with the prices that you can afford.  You want a towing service that puts their customers first at all times. Please contact us to find out more about this exclusive towing insurance programs.

High Quality Affordable Towing

Our Towing Company’s prices are affordable and can’t be beat.  Just like our availability and willingness to assist our Customers wherever they might be.  Our ability to meet customer satisfaction and show the professionalism needed in such a stressful situation that you find yourself in will be proven true.

How to choose the Best Tow Service Near Me?

Choose a company based on the performance, equipment and more importantly reliability.  You are already stranded on the road in the middle of nowhere. Don’t feel stranded with the wrong roadside assistance company. Choose to tow with our Chandler towing service and be assured of prompt and trustworthy service.  You will never have to compare again. You want a towing service you can feel secure with, who makes their customers feel like they are a priority, who covers all cities in the Phoenix Metro. You want top of the line towing when you need it.

Look for a company who can display these attributes right away:

  • Punctual
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Willingness to Serve
  • Honest
  • Professional
  • Top Notch